Just A Moment with A Star

Look up for a moment, 
Just for a glimpse of the night sky,
There are many stars up there,
Flashing, blinking, winking at you;

Indeed it is a starry starry night;

There are clusters and there are groups of them,
They shine bright – you name them after Greek gods and goddesses, 
Each holding a name deserving of the light they shine,
Showing the world what it means to illuminate and twinkle; 

There is a lone star at the corner of the night sky, 
If you look closely enough you can see it radiating faintly,
Maybe it just formed or perhaps it is in its twilight stages, 
It cannot shine as brightly as the others and it is almost not there; 

Take a moment – remember, 
There’s a lone star somewhere,
In need of some attention and some affection,
Catch it right and you’ll re-ignite the brightest star in all the universe;

Just a moment with a star. 

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