Nine Things

calm, serene night 

I’m back a second time tonight (or morning if you insist), and I think there’s quite a bit to get off me. Been reading blogs with pretty strong emotions expressed, such as that of Young & Twenty (you go girl!) as well as Stephanie’s. I think the emotions are all very raw, and the fluidity by which the writers pen their feelings down is just pretty damn fantastic. My writing looks amateurish when placed beside theirs, and I do admire very much their ability to jot down what and how they feel. 

I’ve seen two posts on ‘the ten things I know to be true’ recently and both got me thinking a little. It’s quite true that amidst the turbulence and (contrastingly) calmness of everyday life everyone needs a coping mechanism to deal with the things that go on. The Ten Things list is basically one listing the things you know which will hold constant in your life no matter how things whirl and spiral out of control, and thus they become your refuge and go-to when chaos happen and you lose control. I don’t think I can come up with ten things, so I’ll stop whenever I exhaust the list (at the moment). They are not in order of importance or significance; here goes. 

1. God is there for us and He’s got our back (yeah.. the Universe, a Higher Power, The Creator) 
2. One day I’ll get to go through everything again, and make all my (and a couple that’s not mine) decisions again 
3. Time travel is possible
4. Music provides decent solace and comfort
5. A certain something and a certain someone 
6. I’m doing what is right and best for the situation
7. I have much to be grateful for as things are now
8. There are people who love and care 
9. Love and Passion 

I think that’s about it. These are things I like to think of when things get rough, and honestly I think they do work so that’s a list worth making. 

Have you a list too? 


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