Pause, Play

Pause, Rewind, Play.

Let me take you to a place to meet someone,
In fact let me take you to many different places,
and meet many different people (or maybe just one person),
Give me your hand and off we can go;

Do you see a toddler taking maiden steps in the protect arms of the parents?
Are you with me at the swings watching a bunch of kids running and having fun?
Have you caught sight of a kid crying on the parent’s sleeve after a long tiring day?
Can you see boys and girls smiling widely as they graduate out of play school?

Pause, Fast forward, Play.

Now it’s time to go to other places,
And meet other people (or maybe it’s the same person),
To see different things at different times,
Grab onto my hand and we shall set off;

Do you see a person holding onto a university certificate in his hands smiling?
Are you with me at the Church to witness the bliss a young couple getting married?
Have you experienced the tension of two persons quarrelling in front of you right now? 
Do you hear the cries of a baby in the middle of the night and playful times in the afternoon?


Did you recognize yourself in those places and faces?
Are all of these not in your past and in your future? 
Are you at ease now or do you feel a tinge of heartache? 
Can you look back at the past and smile while having high hopes for the future to come? 


Do you read these words and see where they all lead to – now? 


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