All In The Life of N

  N meets a girl named Clarice in school from another class and they become really good friends. Clarice and N spend almost all their breaks and free time in school together and they often share things as well as secrets with each other which they are likely not to share with anyone else. They grow close as the days go by and the two clearly share a firm and tight friendship between them. 


  One day in between lessons the pair sit down at a bench to relax before their respective next lessons begin. Clarice initials a conversation and touches to a subject they hardly touch on. 

  Clarice: N, N, N! I think you did mention before that you have a girlfriend right? Hey, is that why you always disappear after school and I hardly can get you to study with me in the library? 

  N: Hmm Clarice, why do you ask?

  Clarice: I’m just curious! Oh come on, you don’t have to be shy about it. We’re best friends so it’s okay to tell me this sort of thing. Don’t worry I won’t get jealous or anything like that. (laughs and looks away) 

  N: (laughs) Yeah actually I do have a girlfriend but not many people know about it, or about her. I quite like it this way really. 

  Clarice: oh.. I see, I thought so! How can a popular and nice guy like you be single? Who was I kidding when I thought you didn’t have a girlfriend. To think you didn’t tell me until I asked, humph to think we were such best friends! Bye! (pouts, then proceeds to burst into laughter and walks back into her classrrom) 

[to be continued]


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