A Drizzle, A Walk

  The bell chimes and the announcement is heard over the sound system. 

  It’s time for M to leave his zone of comfort and call it a night again.

  M steps out into the open and he feels the cool air descend upon his skin. He looks up at the sky and sees a thick layer of clouds hiding the moon and the stars, catching in his line of vision tiny droplets falling against the glow of the street lamp. The minute raindrops land onto M’s nose and slide down his cheek slowly as he takes every step in a direction which may or may not point homewards.

  He smiles slightly as the soft drizzle cools the air and lightens up his night, as though in unison with the little tinge of sorrow in his heart that tugs gently at him as he looks up and sees no inspiration from above.

  A lost track, a missing path, an absent trail.

  Such irony in going so far yet not getting any closer.  He continues walking in a direction which he knows not lead where to, unsure even if the road ahead would take him to greater heights or lower depths.

  He walks on. 


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