If I Could

If I could  

Turn the hands of the clock back countless rounds and endless bouts
Back to a time when I was making decisions and  choosing destinations
I would make those choices again albeit with different outcomes
Take a gamble against all odds and watch how things turn out 

Maybe pick the unusual left over the conventional right 
Perhaps go with my heart and allow my head to catch up 
Stare hard and act swift at the divergence of two roads
And be not afraid to take the one less travelled by 

There’s a chance that would have made all the difference
Ending up at a place and time with a destiny so unexpected 
Tracing back the footsteps only to smell the aromatic flowers along the way again
Stopping by to pluck a flower and hold it against the sweet cool summer air 

Probably return to inform others of the two roads that diverged in the wood
How the split is deliberate to test for a true taste of the valour of life 
To search in dreams sought the crust in life that is behind everything
What we all so desire to have which we cannot but live without 

So I would

If I could. 


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