Nothing Special Really (Happy Mother’s Day)

It is just a cup of tea, 
Nothing special really;

True that the soothing aroma it gives off brings a smile to your face,
And the tinge of thrill from the Moroccan Mint makes you go ‘mmm’,
While the creaminess of the Latte eases your brows and lightens your mood; 

But it is just an ordinary cup of tea latte from your favourite coffee joint,
Nothing special really;

But to you it is – a rare treat from someone you love,
A little show of affection from someone you stay up late and wake up early for,
Some tenderness from someone whom you wish were kinder and nicer to you,
An action of care and thought that you hope to receive more of; 

You feel delighted when the cup of tea is surprised with a plush toy and a rose, 
Yet he feels a vague sense of regret and guilt in being able to give you so little,
A simple gesture he renders inadequate which you treasure and considers so plentiful,
With it a gentle three words that cheers your heart and make it all seem worthwhile;

Happy Mother’s Day.

 (Nothing special really) 


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