What Now, Not What If

cool, breezy night

Reader (very obvious a leaf taken out of Jane Eyre haha), all I want to say tonight is that it is better to face ‘what now’ than to deal with ‘what if’.

If we do everything remembering that regret is based on what we have not done rather than what we have done, and is developed from the shots we’ve not taken rather than the shots we’ve shot and missed.. we probably would make better decisions in life. Some poor decisions are made by ourselves while other choices are made for us by others; either way these are things which we need to salvage and reverse if possible.

To anyone who’s facing the consequences and backlash of a wrong move, I say to you: make amends, put things right, get over it and move on. God help those who help themselves, and in you faith is placed to resolve the issues and overcome the challenges.

Good night.


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