Forgotten Strings

Bare, removed, exposed, abandoned, forgotten;

She lies in the isolate corner of the music room on her own,
A desolate figure which has seen better days and pieces past, 
A weary body once so revelled for its tone and well shaped curves,
Now she stands alone without audience or attention in her way cast;  

He looks at her for a long while and wonders what went wrong, 
How something once blossoming could take such a unimaginable path down hill, 
In fragments and betrayal the relationship shattered together with the distorted cadence,
Now he only can reminisce of days gone and yearn for his beat to someday again be fulfilled;

Just months before something beautiful and potent arose during their first meeting, 
And with every subsequent touch of his hand on her magic reverberated through the air, 
There were splendid moments of lovely crescendos and heart stirring diminuendos, 
But all that remains now is a broken melody and a unfinished anacrusis left without a care;

He loved her once – she always was the preferred guitar whenever he played to the morning star. 


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