In the deep realms where there is hardly even a lumen of light,
Where darkness is the order of the day and gloomier than the night,
Like a labyrinth that allows a minuscule chance of escape,
A place with a canopy of sadness clouding overhead;

Countless escape attempts have been tested and tried,
At times it appears freedom and liberty is right within sight,
Other moments it encircles and witnesses no way out within,
Yet true release seems more like an illusion than anything else;

All that breeds is frustrated anger and unkempt sorrow,
What manifests is undesirable hatred and disdain for tomorrow,
How exactly does one emerge from this bottomless black hole,
Free from all the shackles that keeps the spirit entrapped and low?

Where in the universe this place is that feels so dark and cold,
Perhaps unbeknownst it lies deep in the dark of our souls.



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