The Table Behind

Glancing over at the table behind,


The guy is doing his best to appear sorry and dear,

Looking on sorrowfully with sympathetic puppy eyes;

The girl looks at him with eyes of nothing but welled-up tears,

 Feeling in her heart silently the hurt that gnaws about and cries;


Face to face on the same table and near though they sit, 

Their hearts surely are nowhere close but truly are afar,

He frantically explains and tries to dig a way out with his wit,

Yet she who sits with her eyes closed shakes her head with her mouth ajar;


She wants to just forsake everything and leave that very instant;


He sits right across the table wanting to settle it there and for certain;


 After a long moment of silence and tension,  

The couple take their leave from the cafe with unhappiness and suspicion;


Clearly the evening is ruined and the night is not to be healed,

There is a chance they might make up tomorrow or maybe tis’ the end, 

What lies in store for them two is not for me to reveal, 

But whose folly in this has hurtful jealousy made distend? 


Oh how I feel for the table behind!


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