Of What May

Looking at the neat stack but not reading a single word on the page,

The spoken words are heard loud and clear but they slip right on by, 

The physical body sits in the classroom while the mind sneaks away, 

To a place and time gone that yet is stuck in the sea of reminiscence;


The streets lights and busy traffic reappear and come alive again,

The laughter and conversations shared between us silently fill the room,

The smooth contours of your face stand out among the faceless crowd, 

Once again the feeling of warmth floods the senses and brings on a smile;


It would have been unjust to fate if we hadn’t made eye contact or talk, 

Or been too caught up with our own affairs to notice each other on board, 

Perhaps the whole experience would have been so much less complete, 

But certainly it would never have been so beautiful if our eyes hadn’t meet;


It’s been awhile since I last had such lovely chemistry with anyone,

While our closeness grew and our hands touch it was all so much fun, 

Yet subtly we are aware of the line that our friendship has drawn for us, 

But littler swayed us as we explore the city and what’s lying in our hearts;


We tempted the hands of fate and courted something of what may,

Now all we can do is sit back and watch as destiny show us the way. 


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