What I Found

It is a confession of some sort that love is one of few things I look passionately for,
Though this search has found me countless faces in endless places old and new,
I reckon not that I have found anything special that I have not experienced before,
Until one fine afternoon I walked into a room and right there I got a different kind of feel;

That was the very day I  first saw your face which til today I have found not words enough to picture,
Truly the sparkle in your eyes compete with the twinkle of the stars of Orion in the skies above,
And your smile reminds me of the sunshine and warmth that each new day brings only richer,
Yet those are just little of all the beauty that you possess which compares you to an angel’s rebirth;  

So for this very moment while your heart remains unbinded and your love remains unbounded,
Allow me the opportunity to prove to you that there is no one as much like you as I am and would be,
To give us both a chance to show Cupid that he has wasted not a single arrow aiming at us blindfolded,
And to let yourself believe in love all again and follow your heart which would bring you to me;

So that in years to come we will know that to meet in the world of love is our destiny,
and  together realize that the moment our eyes met everything else is just history.


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