Us Two, Me and You

B: Someone asked me today if I liked you in a romantic way,

Or if just a friend was what I would want to regard you,

All I told him was ‘I don’t know’ and left it as that may,

Cos I didn’t know if I really was (or am) in love with you at all,

Yes I feel at ease and happy whenever I am with you,

And I want to hold you close whenever I see you near,

But at the same time I am afraid that I might really fall for you,

And that you might not feel the same about us as I do dear,

Yet sometimes I see love when I look into your eyes,

But at other times I sense only a friendship when we touch,

Through all the special little times shared between us two,

Do you think we can indulge and be in love – just me and you?

G: When people ask you how you feel towards me and us,

You always shrug it off coolly and say you don’t know,

Can you not simply say either you love me or love me not,

Must you really keep me in suspense and waiting for so long?

I dare not show you that I like you because I might be mistaken,

So I pull away whenever you get near for fear of getting too close,

What if I really fall for you and you are not there to catch me,

And you do not feel about us the same way as I do?

Sometimes I feel sparks fly between us when our hands brush,

Yet at other times I find that you treat me like a friend and buddy,

Through all the special little moments shared between us two,

Can we share and enjoy a love that is all – just me and you?


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