Community Spirit

cool, breezy late afternoon

As they all say, every ending is a new beginning and certain things must end before others can begin. The closure of 2013 ushered in the first day of 2014 and the year ahead looks great.

Two years back I was at the Woodlands Regional annual countdown event with my family and I thought, ‘hey wouldn’t it be fun being part of the team that puts the event together and runs it?’ Well this thought come back to me on the 29th of December and I scrambled to register to join the Youth Executive Committee as well as sign up to form the volunteer team for the event which they call Hypesteria 2014. They got back to me on the 30th with details of where and what time to meet up with the rest of the volunteer team and I smiled at how last-minute the whole thing on my side was. Well spontaneity is the best plan, isn’t it?

The event went great and I made friends with a whole bunch of people living in my area whom I’ve never known, but probably have seen around before through the years. The whole atmosphere of joy and cheer as the volunteers and organizers welcome the new year was very heartwarming and I could feel the love that people had for each other, whether as friends, acquaintances or just as fellow countrymen and people. The sense of community was strong.

A part of what I gathered from yesterday’s event is that the community can be important at times and it is a good thing to have community spirit and togetherness. It is definitely true to say that there are people who believe in themselves as individuals so much that they are quite unwilling to join communities and take part in group activities. To be honest, these strong individuals are precisely the ones who should participate actively in their communities because they will have so much more to add to the community. They will strengthen the community and breathe in new spirit and air into the group and bring them even further.

On the side of these individuals, the spirit and support of the community will allow them to prosper even more and grow in ways they never would have expected. The feeling of working closely with other people could be inspiring and soar them to greater heights and with that lifting the entire community up as well. I dare say the amount that they give might be surpassed by the amount that they receive from the experience, be it consciously or subconsciously.

So the next time if you feel that it is not worth the time to take part in community activities, do consider what you might be able to offer to others and open up your heart to freely contribute of what you have; you’ll never know what  treasures you might find there.

p.s. I wrote this in a rush and thus the lack of elaboration; i hope the idea has gotten across (:


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