A Choice Between Master and Servant

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One of the things which has fascinated me to no end from the time I was a little kid running around playgrounds is the concept of time and I believe that the ideas surrounding the flow of time, time travel, as well as how time fundamentally works and exists have always been great wonders to scientists and layman alike. Scientists, philosophers and great thinkers throughout the centuries have all tried to understand the nature of time and conceptualize it, and to varying degrees of success have many come up with different notions of time and how it works.

A quote from the foremost scientist Einstein reads, “the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent”. To expand on this, it is interpreted that time – past, present and future all exists on the same plane and are made all at the same time. This would mean, mind boggling as it sounds, that the whole spectrum of time has already been made and that the future has already been forged before we humanly perceive it to materialize as a point further in time. This would lead on to the idea that everything in life and in time has already been pre-determined; in simpler words, everything that happens or is to happen is pre-destined and fated to be.

A portion of the science community has followed Einstein’s lead and carried out experiments to further the theory and there appears to be significant progress in this area. (If you would pardon my shallow knowledge in science, I am not able to detailedly share with you the physics behind it but I am sure reading through science articles and journals on this would help in understanding how far exactly our respected scientists have worked in this interesting area).

Moving on from the science and assuming that the theory of the past, present and future has already been made is true, the question that begs to follow is: wherein then does free choice lie? If we were to take the theory to now be true, there is no such thing as free choice and all that is meant to and supposed to happen will take its rightful place in time as though orchestrated.

Well here’s where the debate lies and here is where choices are made. Barring the outcome of whether the theory will remain status quo or someday be proven to be true, would you like to believe that everything is predestined and we all have limited, or rather no role to play in how life pends out? Would you choose to believe you are the master and maker of your own destiny, or would you decide to acknowledge and accept the idea that everything has already been scripted and is waiting to be rolled out for you?

And so I believe that regardless of how or what science proves in this matter, the choice depends ultimately on what you believe in and how you want life to be for you. A choice between master and servant.


2 thoughts on “A Choice Between Master and Servant

  1. Wow! So much intellect precipitated in such a succinctly curt post! Encapsulating the wide gamut of philosophical stances concerning determinism, free will, compatibilism et al! Impressed.

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