And Sparks Fly

It’s been a while since I last stayed up to watch a late night movie,

Alone in my room with a lil’ light and a sweater with a warm cup of tea,

Yet when I stuck the disc in and pressed play I didn’t know what to expect,

Would it be a film that is all cheesy and lacking in emotional depth?


But at four in the morning in the company of the serenity of the night,

I put on my headphones and began journeying through the love story,

One that is oh so sweet and romantic yet so sad at the same time,

Where a boy and a girl enter each other’s lives and Sparks began to fly,


The courtship and romance was good and  felt never ending while it lasted,

A love so simple and beautiful that it leaves people with tear-welled eyes and warm hearts,

But sadly their love on earth was swift to expire when the girl was taken away only too soon,

Leaving behind the boy to spend lonely nights pinning for her under the lonesome moon,


Before we all go sad and cry together with our boy Landon for our girl Jamie,

Let us all understand that time may have passed but moments live on forever,

And for always Jamie will live on in the heart and memories of Landon who loved her,

For no one had he loved more and learnt more than from this angel who was his girl;


As for the girl who recommended and passed me the movie to watch,

I hope she does not set the standards of romance and courtship to be this high,

For if she really does take the sweetness of A Walk To Remember as her idea of love and romance,

Then winning her heart perhaps is something many simply would not even dare to try.


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