A Walk To Remember


cool, beautiful morning

I just finished watching A Walk To Remember and I have to say it is really good stuff. It is so sweet, so romantic that I was going aww about half the time throughout the movie. The entire courtship was so romantic, so natural and just so heartwarming.

The Dancing In The Moonlight scene was just so good (in bringing out the love and romance) that I don’t think the song has ever sounded better in any scene or setting; it was so suited for the atmosphere of the scene I thought that wow, it’s almost perfection.

[Oh and how can I forgot this] I like the scene where Landon defended Jamie and punched his mate for the fool he had made of Jamie with the photoshopped image. It was one of those moments where you can  feel the genuine love and care that the Landon has for Jamie and it was nice to see him holding her close and tight and reassuring her everything is alright.

The garage scene where Landon asks Jamie whether she was scared and she replied ‘to death’ and how she was so scared of not being able to be with him.. that is just so sweet and it really tugs at your heart.

The relationship seemed to be going all smooth and happy and I thought hey, this cheesy love affair is fun and cool stuff, until the plot twist revealed Jamie is terminally ill. That was such a heartbreaking moment and you can just feel spirits sink.

I thought the whole idea of stargazing, of dancing under the moonlight, of doing special little things to be so apt for the movie and the frequent mention of God fits in well too with the whole message of love, death and living life to the fullest. The contrast in the 2 father roles was good too, and it does show that however appearances may seem, fathers will always love their children.

The music worked well to complement the scene as well and did help in making things all the more romantic, and all the more emotional whenever necessary.

Absolutely no regrets staying up all night to watch the movie and dedicating a blogpost in the breaking of dawn to talk all about it. It is little wonder that she cries every time she watches the movie simply because there is so much of feels and love encapsulated in a short hour and a half movie.

Thanks to the girl who lent me the movie, but if she sets the standard of romance and love to be this high.. well, she’ll need a boy who’s really awesome haha. 

Good night and good morning folks.


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