December Rain

light drizzle, cool morning

It’s that time of the year again, where everyone is either hurrying about to finish errands that have been accumulated over the year, or taking a backseat and relaxing after all the hassle and buzz of the whole year that has rushed passed them. Surely, now is also the time of the year where people look back at the months of the year that has gone by and wonder what went wrong, and what went right for them. They certainly can pat themselves on the back and have themselves a lovely December and a wonderful Christmas if they have done well for the year; if they have not gotten things right and things have not been smooth sailing, now is the time to reflect and ponder upon their actions and make use of this crucial month before the turn of the year to correct things and step into the new year afresh.

I have a habit (which I’m sure almost everyone has, just in different formats and platforms) of writing a short reflection of all the things that took place in the year that have been good, and not good, and what I have taken away from these encounters and experiences. I have done pretty extensive ones on my previous blog for past years, and I still laugh and turn nostalgic when the memories entailed in those posts are revived.

You read through silly past incidents, petty arguments and lame moments and wonder what you were thinking at that point of time and laugh at your own ignorance and foolishness; it can be very interesting to look back and be fascinated by your own development and growth. It can also be a relief to look back at a rough patch that you had to brave through and take pride that you survived the bitter storm and unkind waves.

By looking back at the past, the memories created and the times lived, you can use it as a guide as you endeavour through life and create more memories to look back at at a later time. It is with time and experience that one learns the ropes in life.

The past can guide the present as you shape the future; spend the current moment wisely and let no action give cause for future regret.


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