Looking On, Wishing On

cool, breezy evening

The eyes are probably the most important things to a person, for it is the window of the soul and organ of sight. Unless you have powers of the extraordinaire, everything that you see is only possible through those two lovely, delicate and wonderful eye balls that you so dearly possess as a being. Let’s fast track a little bit..

Some people look on at other people living their lives and either forget or neglect to live their own; another list of people look on at other people living their lives and imagine how good it is to live a life as observed. Of course, there is another group that look on at other people’s lives and attempt to live a life like that. Finally.. there is the best lot that look on, smile, and focus on constructing their life to how they want it to be.

The trendsetters and successful people all belong to the last set because they are clear as to how they want their life to be and how they want to go about achieving that. They spend their time working on their own life rather than looking at other people and how they live their lives, and this is a crucial factor on the course to success and happiness. In fact (i just realized it..), happy people are of that kind as well, because they don’t get jealous or envious but are instead contented with how their life is going or working out!

Let’s face it: the only life that we ever will have is the life that we are living now; we are not playing a computer or electronic game (think Pokemon, Second Life, The Sims etc) where we get to choose which person’s life to take over or which character to select to play as. Everything that we want has to be built with our own hands and with our own life, because you simply can’t swap lives with other people and you can’t control how life turns out or which life you want.

If you have a dream, chase it. If you have a wish, work on it. If you have a vision, turn it into reality. That is what life is all about: knowing what you want and going about to achieve it.

The question is.. what’s next after looking on?


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