Time and Conditioning

cool, serene night

“Today is the tomorrow which you worried about yesterday”.

How apt is the above saying in describing the humanly, constant worry about what is to take place in time to come. It is in us to always worry about the future, so much so that we miss completely what is happening right at the present moment. It is correct to say that while we were living in yesterday, we worried about the next day, which is today;  and when we are living in today, we worry about what is to happen tomorrow and when we finally arrive at the doorsteps of tomorrow, we start worrying about the day after and everything repeats itself all over again. It is a never-ending cycle of forever worrying about the uncertainty that lies ahead of us in the progression of time, and it is in most beings to be trapped in that wearisome cycle.

In a largely obvious yet oblivious manner, worry can be considered to be a detraction from truly experiencing life to its fullest. In fact, the weight of worry is one of the main obstacles that stand in the way of wholesome and carefree living, which is fundamentally how life should be lived to begin with. We were born with a free and unchained mind that is capable of  generating free-flowing creative thoughts and wonderful imaginations,  but we lose the innocence that comes with it when we mature and start getting oppressed by conditioning that is imposed upon us by everyone and everything. Our minds become imprisoned.

The moment we lose our innocence and ability to wonder, we lose something very precious. It prevents our mind from churning out wonders that can surprise and change the world and instead, our minds start getting corrupted by the less-than-ideal ideas that the world has since established that we all must conform to. Conformity restricts creativity, innovation and freedom, and in its place breeds worry, regiment and mental oppression. It is akin to getting stuck in an endless labyrinth that entails no exit, only an entrance. Suppression from conformity is the trap itself.

Enlightenment of the Soul and Being hails the breaking of attachment and desolution of worries as the first step to reaching liberation. In some sense, the removal of worry and escape from the suppression due to needless conformity is a liberation of its own in this stress and worry laden world where we are reduced to mere stress balls and worry mongers that are ruled by the uncertainties and seemingly unpredictabilities of the future. The human mind is capable of so much more than we can comprehend and it is such trivialities and emotions like anger and jealousy that render us incapable of carrying out and executing what we were born with.

A reflection of the truth is that our world has digress to such a point that such ideals like the one above are considered to be radical and distorted; everyone is too caught up with everything else to the point that they lose their awareness and consciousness.  If you open up your eyes and really see, you might catch some glimpse of the truth of how much the human mind can achieve in actuality.

The question is, are you still capable of seeing the more important things in life? Or have you been so oppressed and conditioned that you have lost your inner self, to the extend that you are incapable of doing something simple as that?  The answer lies in the moment when you are finally given space and time to try to do that, when your mind is not encaged by any unnecessary trouble or worry.

(On a lighter note to end, we even worry about worrying and not worrying..)


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