Real Steel & a Little Bit of Love

Drizzling, cool evening

After missing countless good movies that has screened over the past few months, I finally managed to catch a movie on a free and relaxed evening.  Let’s face it : a movie without a bag of popcorn is like a car without headlights; incomplete. That was why I had to indulge in those light crimson-coloured, taste bud wetting, butter-coated irresistibles which brought the movie experience to a whole new level. You should have tasted the sweetness of the crunchy popcorn which was further enhanced by the aroma it exuded as an indication that it is freshly popped and good to be served!

Okay, before people get tempted to drive out to get a bag of popcorn.. let’s get back to the main subject : Real Steel. (In case it is forgotten, I went there for the movie, not the popcorn.. well okay, maybe for both.)

As a start, I think that Real Steel is a great film with a decent and neat plot, and the choice of cast enabled the movie to be brought out well. It is a movie based on robot fighting set in the near future, and this concept forms the primary stage for many themes to be brought out throughout the movie. The many scenes of the mighty robots fighting is realistic and adrenaline-pumping and it serves to wow the crowd and I think they have  been very successful indeed. The selection of Jackman, Goyo and Lily to star as the main characters ascertained that the roles of the characters were maximized and credits must be given to the actors for a brilliant performance, especially to Goyo, who has put in a prolific performance as the young boy who has an apparent cool attitude and style.

The prominent themes of artificial intelligence versus human instincts, father and son relationship, romantic relationship, redemption of a man and unwavering faith were all nicely showcased and these themes formed the basic mechanics in which the movie ran on. The portrayal of the father and son relationship was successful in connecting with the audience and stirring up emotions, and this contrasted with the many fight scenes between the robots brought the best out of the two different aspects of the movie.

Overall, I would rate the movie to be a 4 / 5 and this is a highly recommended choice for boxing / sporting enthusiasts as well as people looking out for an awesome movie to catch over the weekends. Good too if you favour played up emotions.

“Champions aren’t born. They’re made.”

Well, in my point of view, they sure made a champion out of this movie.


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