The Disfiguring Merlion

drizzling, cool and breezy evening

When you gaze into the open skies and watch as the majestic clouds gently float by, are you not awed by the wonder of how the world and life can both sustain themselves concurrently? Do you not have the sentiment that the world is filled with endless possibilities, and that there are no boundaries withholding you from achieving marvelous feats?

When you watch the waves softly  retreat and caress the fine, minute grains of sand on the shoreline, do you not have the thought that everything was created to co-exist harmoniously in everlasting peace? Do you not think that optimum living and maximized potential of the being is  best nurtured under conditions where oppression is close to non-existent and in its place is freedom and the space to explore and create?

If you ever contemplated the above before, you should know that society never much embraced those ideals (freedom to explore and create, innovation, creative thinking, freedom from oppression etc) and it has never worked in such a perfect way; in reality, it never even worked a mile close to that. Maybe some societies in the world operate close to that, but not the one that I live in.

The manner in which the local system work is devoid of freedom and space. It places severe over-importance on results and statistics and this singularly is the menace to innovation and creativity, and it certainly undermines ability and talent. With the cream of the crop and deep pocket people virtually breathing elitism  out of their “superior” nostrils and the under-performers, late bloomers and weaker members ditched to lick their own wounds, played up with a rigid education and societal system that is forced down people’s throats, can we ever produce talents and capable people at all?

Yes, of course we do have so called “talents” amongst our midst that the media promote all the time. Think Tao Li, think Feng Tian Wei, think Qiu Li, think Shi Jia Yi. Do those names mentioned ring more with foreigner, or authentic citizen? To the game masters, it is of no difference. To us? A resounding foreign stunk.

With the top posts, loftiest positions and top school places all served to foreigners on a gold plate, the authentic citizens of the nation are left to their own devices to face and compete with the intruders. Clearly, the odds are against the locals in every measure.

With the game masters favouring the opposition and the game plan set to trounce you at every opportune time, how do you overhaul the odds and emerge victorious?  The answer lies in either soaring above the system, or stepping out of the system. Any other way is not feasible.. unless you want to become the feast.

May the mighty roar and beaming courage of the Merlion aid us in our struggle for our future and the future of our beloved nation. It is such a pity that our grand Merlion is slowly being disfigured by the faces and ethnics of the unwelcomed guests.


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